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Jon Muth

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This collection includes: Zen Shorts, Zen Ties, Zen Ghosts, and Hi, Koo!


Story about Stillwater, the Zen Buddhist panda, and his three young friends, siblings Michael, Karl, and Addie. That theme of duality is at the heart of the storyteller's tale about a young woman who seemingly lives in two places at once. In an author's note, Muth discusses Zen koans, and as a whole, this title feels more like a vehicle for the meditative tale rather than a developed, integrated story. But Muth grounds the book's esoteric elements with humor, everyday details from a child's world, and extraordinary watercolor-and-ink scenes that contrast the fiery shades of autumn with silvery moonlight and utilize a ghostly, simplified palette to amplify the koan's elemental mysteries. A beautiful, contemplative offering.


Language: English

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