The Internet is Like a Puddle (Big Hug Book #3)


Shona Innes

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The Internet is Like a Puddle attends to the wonderful aspects of electronic communication as well as gently discusses some of the possible pitfalls of sharing, chatting, and using data. There is a need to be mindful of those who are naive to potential problems without denying them wonderful opportunities. The Internet is Like a Puddle that describes ways to stay safe and enjoy reader chapter book and chatting time on the Internet and to keep life balanced. 

The Big Hug books grew out of letters sent to children and their families after their psychology sessions. Each book has its origins in a real need for a real child with a real problem and offers real strategies from a real psychologist. The heartfelt illustrations and simple words aim to simplify tricky situations and soothe strong emotions. The books aim to give children, and the people who care for them, a way to talk about problems. The Big Hug books acknowledge that some moments in life are tricky and encourage acceptance, problem-solving, and help-seeking as needed.

Language: English
ISBN-10: 1760065048
ISBN-13: 9781760065041

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Our kids love this book. =) It's a go-to source for reminding kids to be smart net users. I am glad we included this in our haul this year!