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The theme of this book bundle is joy and sunshine.

The selected titles for this book bundle cover these themes plus one book from a beloved Kapampangan folk song.

  • Atin Cu Pung Singsing Kapampangan Children’s Book (Adarna House)
  • 1 Set of Kuwentong Musmos (5 books by Lampara Publishing House): Masaya Ang Maging Ako by Zarah Gagatigal illustrated by Jamie Bauza; Kiko Kitikiti by Lauren Macaraeg; illustrated by Ito Chua; Ang Batang Papet by Norman Baquirin; illustrated by Angela Taguiang; Ang Nanay Kong Drayber by Reina Peralta; illustrated by Pepot Atienza; Ang Alaga Kong Lolo by Genaro Gojo Cruz; illustrated by Lui Buan
  • The Great Duck and Crocodile Race by Robert Magnuson, (OMF/Hiyas)
  • The Day of Darkness by Gutch Gutierrez and Zig Marasigan; illustrated by Gutch Gutierrez (The Bookmark, Inc.)
  • Pagkatapos ng Unos (After the Storm) by Harry Monzon (PBBY)
  • Pitong Tsinelas (Seven Slippers) by Divine Gil Reyes; illustrated by Benjor Catindig (Tahanan Books for Young Readers)
  • Happy Home 1: Coming Home written by Grace Chong; illustrated by Leo Kempis (OMF/Hiyas)



Reading Gives Hope * Books Bring Sunshine

Nasa Pagbasa ang Pag-Asa * May Dalang Liwanag ang Mga Libro

Ing Pamamasa Babye Yang Pag-asa  *  Deng Libru Babye Lang Sala 

Reading Gives Hope is a book donation drive inspired by BTS—especially Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope—and their positive message of diversity, inclusion, hope, and loving oneself.

In July 2020, three Pearl ARMYs, Zarah Gagatiga, Triccie Cantero, and Ellinor Ferriol met in a BTS Facebook group where they soon realized that they shared more than a love for Bangtan. Passionate advocates of books and reading, the three Titas mustered up the funds and mobilized their social networks to make this project a reality. After all, books are a wonderful way to share the message of the Bangtan Boys with others.


Recipient for Cycle 1

Peace Kamp is a non-profit organization focused on educating the Ayta children of Barangay Sapang Uwak in Pampanga. Their volunteer efforts are anchored on community and capacity-building, enabling hope to drive growth individually and collectively.


Donate 20 book bundles to 20 Ayta children in Sapang Uwak through the active community-building effort and program of Peace Kamp.

Description of Book Bundles

Five book bundles have been carefully curated into themes that reflect the messages of BTS. The books in each bundle have won awards conferred by the Philippine Board on Book for Young People (PBBY) and the National Book Development Board (NBDB).

OT7 Book Bundle: Community
JHope Book Bundle: Joy & Sunshine
VMin Book Bundle: Family & Friendship
JinKook Book Bundle: Inclusivity
NamGi Book Bundle: Diversity


A copy of Atin Cu Pung Singsing, a board book, is included in the JHope, VMin, JinKook, and NamGi book bundles. The OT7 Book Bundle is recommended for anyone who wishes to gift a school, library, or reading center with a brilliant, well-rounded startup collection of storybooks.


How to donate or buy

1. Select a book bundle or book bundles to donate to a Peace Kamp student from the Reading Gives Hope Book Drive page

2. Place your orders by going to any of these links for the book bundles:

3. Your book donation will have your name as a donor. In return, you will get a certificate of donation from Peace Kamp and Dear Books.

4. Book bundles will be picked up by Peace Kamp staff from Dear Books HQ which will then be brought to students in Peace Kamp.

5. You can also donate cash of any amount which will go to the book donation funds. Kindly deposit to the bank account below and send proof of payment to team@dearbooks.ph. 

  • Account Name: LEARNOVATE
  • BDO Account Number: Account Number: 0034-1028-7757

6. Download this Reading Guide for you and the child reader. https://bit.ly/3jJWKJe

You can also buy a book bundle for your own personal and home library, or as a gift to a young reader. Help us #raiseanARMYofreaders! Like RM. let us read and become an #ARMYofReaders. Read books and let the joy and sunshine in! 😊

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