Early Reader Book Bundle

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Early Reader books are intended for 7 to 8 years old. They are those who can now read easy and familiar texts by using basic decoding, sight vocabulary, and context clues. With these books, children will easily transition from picture books to early chapter books with exciting stories, engaging pictures, and fun characters.

The Early Reader Book Bundle includes the following Dear Books titles:

  1. Boris Gets a Lizard (Boris #2)
  2. The Locker Ate Lucy! (Eerie Elementary #2)
  3. Beach Holiday (Ella and Olivia #13)
  4. Escape To California (Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #12)
  5. Bookmarks are for People Too! (Here's Hank #1)
  6. Let's Get Cracking! (Kung Pow Chicken #1)
  7. The Best Bat (Little Rhino #2)
  8. Dinosaur Disaster (Looniverse #3)
  9. Kayla, The Pottery Fairy (Magical Crafts Fairies #1)
  10. The Pet Show (Monkey Me #2)
  11. Miss Klute is a Hoot! (My Weirder School #11)

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