Grolier Amazing English and Amazing Words

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An English learning solution packed with vibrant illustrations, conversations, and texts on different topics and exercises- all with auto-enabled features to enhance reading and listening skills. It has two components: 

1. The Grolier Amazing English set which consists of:

    • 20 vividly illustrated and fun-filled with engaging content that keeps children motivated and promotes learning. The books are in a thematic 
    • Student Guide Book that empowers students to study at their own pace and do their own referencing.
    • A Grolier Pen allows students to point and listens to difficult words pronounced by a native speaker. The Grolier Pen also enables students to practice speaking in English with the help of the recording function.
    • The Grolier Amazing English box comes with a drawer to store your Grolier Pen whenever you need it.

2. The Grolier Amazing Words is a 2-volume set that is more than just a dictionary. It has over 5,000 words and 1,400 images. The Grolier Amazing Words is a great and effective way to learn new words and broaden your child’s vocabulary. Each volume comes with:

  • Colorful images and photographs.
  • Clear and highly visible word entry.
  • A child-friendly definition that complements each word.
  • Captions with additional information.
  • Sample sentence using the word in context.
  • Alphabetical references.

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