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Beginning Reader books will help children develop the skills necessary to interpret the relationship between written and spoken words. Children in this reading stage begin to learn phonics (letter-sound relationship) and to read simple text containing phonetically regular words. 

The Beginning Reader Book Bundle includes the following Dear Books titles:

  1. Annie: A True Family (A Movie Tie-in)
  2. Buzz Said the Bee
  3. A Dragon in the Sandpit (I Love Reading Phonics: Level 1)
  4. Snapped by Sam (I Love Reading Phonics: Level 5A)
  5. Max's Trip (I Love Reading Phonics: Level 5B)
  6. Kitanai's Healthy Habits:  Wash Up
  7. Moo Bird
  8. More Spaghetti, I Say!
  9. Hoot, Owl! (National Geographic Pre-Reader)
  10. Sleep, Bear! (National Geographic Pre-Reader)
  11. QQ Books: Intelligent Booster for Young Learners: EQ

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