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Very good read!

I like the story–very warm and wholesome. I also adore Aaron Asis's work, very flowy and dynamic illustrations that complement the story by Sophia Lee. The narration flowed very smoothly, almost cried for I relate with some of the other scenes.

Sweet book for children to learn about caring for animals

My 6-year-old daughter really enjoyed this book. Aside from the story, the book also includes instructions for some crafts such as creating a cat toy, which my child really loved! The content was charming and sweet. This is a really nice series, I wish there were more books!


I keep on searching for this book everywhere, i already have the 3 other books for years but i couldn’t continue reading because of this book. Good thing dear books has them

My daughter liked it a little but not as much as her other books. I like that it was a hard cover book and will last longet than other books, and my other children can still read it when they get older.


My kids love this series. They read it over and over again and still laugh at the jokes :) Heroes and villains are surprisingly well-rounded.

Engaging read made interesting with the photos showcased

I was always interested about the life of the iconic US President Abraham Lincoln. This book described a good deal about his early life, career in law and politics, and the Civil War. It was made special by the rare photographs shown of his family and special places in his life. This is a book that could be read by a junior high school student and older students and adults. I belong to the adults age bracket but I still found myself turning the pages especially on the parts about the war. A worthy purchase!

My son loved it!

He enjoyed reading it and plans to complete the series.

Teaching Kids to Pay it Forward

This helped me open the topic of how kindness and happiness can be passed on. The examples scenarios are easy to understand for my 6-year old and not that hard to explain to my 3-year old. I love this series.

Toddler Road Awareness

This book teaches very young children about road awareness. I'm happy with the content and simple language used, not to mention the appropriate illustrations.

My kid loves it! Especially the soft Dino 🦖

I didn't realize it will be that small (a book) for its price. But I still liked it.

Tree: a Little Story About Big Things
Hope in a Book

Tree is such a timely book for it talks about the hope that springs forth from each life cycle. It sure is a relevant read for every age.

Close To Home

This book is sure to touch the heart of every reader since its setting and theme is very much close to home. At this day and age where messages are frequently sent digitally, seeing postcards sent via post is such a welcome change and brings back fond memories of one's childhood.

Very interesting book

Love this book. Once I started reading, I couldn’t wait to finish it. Looking forward to reading future books in the series.

Inch By Inch

My son loves reading this and looking for the inchworm and seeing the different birds in the story

Wonderful illustrstion

My 5vyear old is hooked in the graphics. Storyline is simple enough.

Kid approved

Beginning readers will be able. To read it on their own and be engaged with the story.

My five year old loves it

Engaging graphics and love that it is a story about making time and space for your family

My daughter likes this book. :)

My son loves the original book from the series "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly", so I bought this to see if he'll like it.

It's still a riot, but we still prefer the "swallowed a fly" version :)

It's a special book that tugs your heart :)

One of a Kind Book.

Exciting !

Today is Monday

This has become the favorite of my 2 year old daughter. She's been singing Today is Monday over and over again.