Scholastic Learning Express: Level 1 Bundle

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Scholastic Learning Express is a series of English language and Mathematics activity books filled with lots of teacher-approved activities and motivating features that make learning both accessible and enjoyable. The fun and colorful workbooks are suitable for independent home practice or enrichment programs.

The Scholastic Learning Express: Level 1 Bundle is composed of the following workbooks which tackle the different competencies: 

  1. Addition
    1. Adding to 20
    2. Adding 1-and 2-digit numbers
    3. Solving word problems
  2. Handwriting and Vocabulary
    1. Writing letters and words
    2. Understanding parts of the speech
    3. Identifying synonyms and antonyms
  3. Phonics and Reading Skills
    1. Identifying consonants, blends, and digraphs
    2. Identifying main ideas and details
    3. Predicting and sequencing
  4. Story Comprehension
    1. Recalling and sequencing
    2. Organizing and information
    3. Giving reasons and making connections
  5. Subtraction
    1. Subtracting from 20
    2. Subtracting 1-and 2-digit numbers
    3. Solving word problems
  6. Word Problems
    1. Based on the Singapore Mathematics approach
    2. Solving word problems involving addition, subtraction, time, and pattern

Note: The workbooks can only be purchased as a set, not as individuals. The workbooks are placed in a plastic envelope with a blank name label. 

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