Dear Books Recommends: Summer Reading List 2020

Dear Books Recommends: Summer Reading List 2020

June 07, 2020

This year’s summer break may seem different but, for the sake of stability, we are finding ways to keep some things the same, like the Summer Reading List tradition. The Summer Reading List came about because there is usually what educators call the “summer slump” phenomenon, where learning loss happens in the two months children are out of school.

The Dear Books team prepared this list of recommended books that will help curb that summer slump. It’s a list filled with award-winning books of different genres and themes. We’ve curated selections for ages 7 to 16 years old, categorized into grade levels, from Grade 1 to Grade 10.

We hope you enjoy these great reads and keep the learning going even while we’re all stuck at home during these long summer days. Happy reading!

Grade 1





Grade 2







Grade 3






Grade 4





Grade 5







Grade 6







Grade 7






Grade 8






Grade 9





Grade 10








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