Give the Gift of Reading: Dear Books Holiday 2021

Give the Gift of Reading: Dear Books Holiday 2021

December 02, 2021

The Dear Books Holiday Gift Guide is here! Stuff your kids’ stockings and shelves with new books this Christmas season and give the gift of reading.

We have brand NEW books for all ages, so whether you're looking for presents for your toddler (god) children or the teenage readers in your family, we've got you covered.


Board Books for the Babies


Pink Is for Boys



An empowering and educational board book that proves colors are for everyone, regardless of gender.

Pink is for boys, and girls, and everyone! This timely and beautiful board book rethinks and reframes the stereotypical blue/pink gender binary and empowers kids and their grown-ups to express themselves in every color of the rainbow. Featuring a diverse group of relatable characters, Pink Is for Boys invites and encourages children to enjoy what they love to do, whether it's racing cars and playing baseball, or loving unicorns and dressing up.

Vibrant illustrations help children learn and identify the myriad colors that surround them every day, from the orange of a popsicle to the green of a grassy field, all the way up to the wonder of a multicolored rainbow.


Dr. Seuss Discovers: Space



The Cat in the Hat and Thing One and Thing Two tour the solar system in this sturdy board book that's perfect for introducing babies and toddlers to the world around them. With stops at the Sun and each of the eight planets, there's plenty to look at and lots of fun facts to learn. (Who knew? A crater on Mercury is named for Dr. Seuss!) Starring the Cat in the Hat, this rhymed nonfiction board book about space is perfect for nurturing a love of science in babies and toddlers too young for the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library series!


Daddy, Papa, and Me



A heartwarming board book about gay parents! A great purchase for new parents and new babies alike, and the perfect gift to show your love for daddy, pappa, and more! Rhythmic text and illustrations with universal appeal show a toddler spending the day with its daddies. From hide-and-seek to dress-up, then bath time and a kiss goodnight, there's no limit to what a loving family can do together. Share the loving bond between same-sex parents and their children in this heartwarming story of the family.


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Picture Books for the Toddlers


Hair Love



The Academy Award-winning short film based on this heartwarming book. Zuri's hair has a mind of its own. It kinks, coils, and curls every which way. Zuri knows it's beautiful. When Daddy steps in to style it for an extra special occasion, he has a lot to learn. But he LOVES his Zuri, and he'll do anything to make her -- and her hair -- happy.


All Are Welcome



Join the call for a better world with this New York Times bestselling picture book about a school where diversity and inclusion are celebrated. Discover a school where—no matter what—young children have a place, have a space, and are loved and appreciated. Follow a group of children through a day in their school, where everyone is welcomed with open arms. A school where students from all backgrounds learn from and celebrate each other's traditions. A school that shows the world as we will make it to be.


Just Ask!: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You



Feeling different, especially as a kid, can be tough. But in the same way that different types of plants and flowers make a garden more beautiful and enjoyable, different types of people make our world more vibrant and wonderful.


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Paperback Books for Children and Young Adults





Matilda is a sweet, exceptional young girl, but her parents think she's just a nuisance. She expects school to be different but there she has to face Miss Trunchbull, a kid-hating terror of a headmistress. When Matilda is attacked by the Trunchbull she suddenly discovers she has a remarkable power with which to fight back. It'll take a superhuman genius to give Miss Trunchbull what she deserves and Matilda may be just the one to do it!


I'll Give You the Sun



From the acclaimed author of The Sky Is Everywhere, this exhilarating novel will leave you breathless and teary and laughing—often all at once. At first, Jude and her twin brother are NoahandJude; inseparable. Noah draws constantly and is falling in love with the charismatic boy next door, while daredevil Jude wears red-red lipstick, cliff-dives, and does all the talking for both of them. Years later, they are barely speaking. Something has happened to change the twins in different yet equally devastating ways . . . but then Jude meets an intriguing, irresistible boy and a mysterious new mentor. The early years are Noah’s to tell; the later years are Jude’s. But they each have only half the story, and if they can only find their way back to one another, they’ll have a chance to remake their world.


Peter Pan



One starry night, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell lead the three Darling children over the rooftops of London and away to Neverland – the island where lost boys play, mermaids splash and fairies make mischief. But a villainous-looking gang of pirates lurk in the docks, led by the terrifying Captain James Hook. Magic and excitement are in the air, but if Captain Hook has his way, before long, someone will be walking the plank and swimming with the crocodiles…


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Book Sets for Your Growing Home Library


Penguin Bedtime Classics



Bedtime Classics: charmingly illustrated board book editions of perennial favorites, simplified for the youngest readers! Bedtime Classics introduces classic works of fiction to little literary scholars through character-driven narratives and colorful illustrations. Designed to be the perfect one-minute bedtime story (or five minutes--if you're begged to read it over and over), parents can feel good about exposing their children to some of the most iconic pieces of literature while building their child's bookshelf with these trendy editions!


She Persisted Boxed Set



When She Persisted and She Persisted Around the World published, they gave readers two collections of 13 remarkable, diverse and tenacious women. Chelsea Clinton's words and Alexandra Boiger's art brought the women to life, showing how they struggled and ultimately persevered, inspiring and empowering people across the U.S. and the entire world. Now packaged together for the first time, this set is a perfect gift for feminists of all ages.


Anne of Green Gables, Complete 8-Book Box Set



The only complete Anne of Green Gables box set! Makes a great gift and is a must-have for any longtime reader or fan of the Netflix series Anne with an E. Favorites for nearly 100 years, these classic novels follow the adventures of the spirited redhead Anne Shirley, who comes to stay at Green Gables and wins the hearts of everyone she meets.


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Filipino Books to Support Local Writers & Artists


The Little Hero (Ang Munting Bayani)



There’s never a dull moment in the imaginative world of a little girl and her plush toy named Teddy. They go on adventures every day as pilots, pirates, and many more! But, over the years and as the little girl grows up, will they still go on adventures together?

Kakaibang saya ang hatid ng mundo ng isang batang babae at ng kaniyang laruang si Teddy. Araw-araw silang naglalakbay bilang piloto, pirata at kung ano-ano pa! Pero sa paglipas ng panahon habang lumalaki ang batang babae, makakapaglakbay pa kaya sila tulad ng dati?


Ang Nanay ni Erwin, Ang Tatay ni Klara



Erwin’s mama doesn’t dress up like other mamas. Klara’s papa doesn’t do the work of other papas. Can Erwin and Klara convince their parents to be like other parents? “Ang Nanay ni Erwin, Ang Tatay ni Klara” is a flip book with two stories!


Dalawa ang Daddy ni Billy



Billy thinks it’s cool to have two daddies. Why then is he bullied in school? Why is his family “different”? De Guzman and Tayona’s ground-breaking book celebrates the triumph of love over prejudice as Billy learns to appreciate his unique place in the world.

Masaya si Billy dahil dalawa ang kanyang daddy. Subalit sa paarala’y may namumuhi sa kanya dahil dito. Bakit kakaiba ang kanyang pamilya? Ipinagdiriwang ng radikal na likha nina De Guzman at Tayona ang pananagumpay ng pagmamahal laban sa diskriminasyon habang tinutuklas ni Billy ang natatangi niyang lugar sa mundo.


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