Dear Book for Others: Rags2Riches Artisans & Kids

Dear Book for Others: Rags2Riches Artisans & Kids

September 08, 2020

Even before we started Dear Books, we had always believed that every child has the right to read. We are also aware of the grave effects of this ongoing pandemic and community quarantine to those who are less privileged than our Dear Readers and customers.

Since money is tighter and is allocated to the most essential of needs like food, shelter, and healthcare, we understand how much harder it is to take care of kids who are now perpetually at home. There is no physical school to occupy them, no meeting up with friends for play, and no going out to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, buying books and educational toys is a luxury that not a lot of people in our country has access to. 

Last June 2020, we took a small step to address this gap in the ways that we can. We partnered with Rags2Riches (R2R), a local fashion social enterprise that provides livelihood to artisans in urban poor communities, and donated children's books for the artisans' children.

Rags2Riches' Community Enterprise Manager Ate Cynthia Cabrera had gone around the different R2R artisan communities in Metro Manila to distribute the books to over 50 families in a safe and socially distant way.



Our hearts were so full hearing the stories of the R2R artisans and their kids loving the books, especially this testimony by Ate Elsa that made us tear up: 

Through this partnership, we knew that we had to continue giving back in any way that we can.

Dear Books for Others is our pledge for Literacy Month 2020. For every book sold this September, we commit to donating one book to Filipino kids without access to reading and learning materials. Because every child has the right to read.

You can learn more about this campaign and see our dynamic impact calculator by visiting this page or by clicking the banner below.

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