Book of the Week: Soaring Saturdays by Sophia N. Lee

Book of the Week: Soaring Saturdays by Sophia N. Lee

June 12, 2020

Happy Independence Day, Dear Readers! Our Book of the Week features one of our new arrivals and the very first children's book on Dear Books that's written by a Filipino writer (Sophia N. Lee) and illustrated by a Filipino artist (Aaron M. Asis).

Soaring Saturdays is a story of a young girl looking forward to the said day of the week so she can accompany her father, a mailman, while he delivers letters on his bicycle. It's an ode to letters and the ways we connect to our loved ones both near and far.

"I wrote Soaring Saturdays when I was still based in the Philippines. But even then, when I was shaping it, my mind was very much centered on that little girl inside me who wanted to believe that the world of her imagination could grow far beyond the world she was in. That’s something I hope readers will feel too when they read this book," Lee said in an interview for the Inquirer.

"But now that I’m in a different phase of my life, and also far away from home, I find myself on the other side of that story. I’m so grateful that the home I grew up in nurtured me so well that I carry it within me, always—even as I’m spreading my wings and flying further.”

This charming picture book celebrates many timely things: the love between dad and child (for Father's Day this Sunday!), the many ways we can show our love to our family while we're all isolated and apart, and how to embrace our own skin (they were intentional in featuring our kayumanggi skin color) and heritage.


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